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Boards of Directors/Advisors

We are proud to have the following individuals serving on LDI's Board of Directors or Board of Advisors:
Hon. Kevin Andrews
Member of Parliament (Australia)
Margaret Andrews
Editor, Marriage, Family & Society Issues
Editor, Threshold (Australia)
Patricia Pitkus Bainbridge, M.A.
Chairman, Board of Directors, Human Life International
Co-Founder & Executive Director Emeritus, Life Decisions International

James C. Borkowski
Executive Director, Signal Hill (Canada)
Marian C. Bourek
Dubuque County Right to Life
Gregory S. Byrd, M.D.
Shenandoah County (Virginia) Pregnancy Center
Denise F. Cocciolone
President, The National Life Center
Hon. Gregg L. Cunningham, Esq., J.D.
Executive Director, The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform
Former Member of the Pennsylvania State Legislature
Hon. Trent Franks
Member, U.S. House of Representatives
Conor S. Gallagher
Pro-Life Activist
Kevin L. Gibbs, Esq., J.D.
Professor of U.S. Law (Kenya)
James J. Giese
Business Leader & Pro-Life Advocate
Prof. Gary J. Gillespie, M.A.
Northwest University
J. Christopher Hagstrom
Right to Life of East Texas
James Hughes
President, Campaign Life Coalition (Canada)
Patrick J. Mooney
Political Consultant & Pro-Life Activist
Jay A. Nenninger
Certified Public Accountant & Pro-Life Activist
Stuart W. Nolan, Esq., J.D.
Legal Works & Pro-Life Activist
Hon. Penny Pullen
Life Advocacy Resource Project
Former Member of the Pennsylvania State Legislature
Douglas R. Scott, Jr.
Co-Founder & President, Life Decisions International (Ex-Officio/Non-Voting)
Joseph M. Scheidler
Director, Pro-Life Action League
Michael Schwartz, R.I.P.
Office of U.S. Senator Thomas A. Coburn, M.D. (R-Okla.) 
Fran Shambro
The Women's Center
Thomas C. Stobhar
President, Pro Vita Advisors
Mercedes Arzú Wilson, L.H.D.
President, Family of the Americas Foundation
Member, Pontifical Academy for Life
Note: Organizations are listed for identification purposes only,


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